About the Owner

How did a guy who worked in engineering, entertainment, and sales end up with a driving service?

About 17 years ago, after being downsized, I took the opportunity to do some soul searching and realized that I’d been approaching work as a means to get something (money and status) rather than a means to give something (service), which I believed to be my unique gift.

It occurred to me that the one thing I enjoyed about my previous jobs was traveling from place to place to do what I did. I was intrigued by advice to “follow your bliss” and “do what you love.”

In 2002, I started offering driving services, delivering everything from flowers to computer parts — even luxury cars to buyers up and down the East coast, simply for the joy of driving.

I enjoyed the variety, but it wasn’t until I began driving people to significant places on a daily basis that I discovered a higher level of driving service — and the fulfillment of my personal dream for a life of useful, meaningful contribution.

I love to drive, enjoy each and every client and feel blessed to have the privilege of making their travels less stressful and more enjoyable.

As a full-service agency, we also provide limousine service on request, vehicle transport, and courier services.

May our competence satisfy your every need.